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Smartphone Photography Workshop - 9 July

Smartphone Photography Workshop - 9 July

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Feeling envious of those stunning smartphone photos posted by others?

Looking for a way to master the basics without trawling through endless Google search results? We're here to transform you into a superior photographer using your very own SMARTPHONE.

The future awaits... Embrace it now.

Get ready for an exciting and practical workshop filled with essential tips, ideas, and much more!

DATE: Sunday, 9 July 2023
VENUE: Blos Cafe, Pretoria
DURATION: 9 AM till 12 PM
FEE: R499 per person
WHAT TO BRING: Just your Smartphone
FACILITATOR: Albert Bredenhann

What's in store for this action-packed morning?

  • Unveiling Smartphone Basics (Unleashing the full potential of your smartphone)
  • Setting the Limitations Straight (Discovering secrets your phone holds)
  • Unraveling the Anatomy of an Excellent Photo (composition, rule of thirds, light)
  • Revealing the Art of Smartphone Editing (Transform good photos into great ones)
  • Exploring Social Media Integration (Is Instagram really the one-stop solution?)
  • Discussing Photo Backup and Management (How to never lose your precious memories and more)
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