Fashion Photo Shoot Information Sheet

Thank you for choosing Pixel Pro Photography for your Fashion Photo Shoot. As you might have noticed on Facebook and/or on our website, Albert and his makeup artist knows exactly how to make magic. 

What to do next... Click on the link below to schedule a date suitable for you and Albert to do your Photo Shoot.  


What do I need to bring along?

In the past, we told everyone to bring almost everything, but that just brought a lot of confusion. So here is a very basic list of the things you need to bring and Albert will do the rest. He will not only make you feel comfortable but also very sexy and sensual.

  • Any jacket (denim always works best)
  • Any dress (or maybe two)
  • Any top (yes, the top that makes you feel uncomfortable, will also work)
  • A shirt from your husband or lover (blue/white/black)
  • Jewellery
  • Two pairs of shoes (those sexy ones)

This list might make you feel very uncomfortable, but please don’t stress! Come and treat yourself to one special day in your life.

Where will the Photo Shoot take place?

Most Photo Shoots will take place at "Albert's Forest" or otherwise an address agreed upon between you and the photographer.


 How do I cancel or re-reschedule? 

If you want to cancel your Photo Shoot, please let us know at least 24 hours in advance.

Please follow this link to reschedule a new date.

    With regards to other preparations:

    • Please ensure that you are on time without any makeup.
    • Your nails should be well manicured, as they are also in the photos.
    • Do not wear a bra, as it might leave marks on your shoulder and we do not edit that out.
    • Clean hair is a given.

    What about the weather?

    Please note that all Photo Shoots are weather permitted as we do not shoot in a studio and therefore we only shoot with natural light.

    Photo Shoots can be cancelled by the photographer on short notice due to change in the weather conditions.

    And finally... do not stress.  Come and feel the magic for one day!