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Letter to Ramaphosa

4 May 2020AN OPEN LETTER TO MR CYRIL RAMAPHOSA Dear Mr Ramaphosa Your ears must be ringing by now with everybody shouting either advice, criticism or insults into them. This isn't a rant, and it isn't advice. I appreciate most sincerely your efforts to keep this country going, and I trust you to guide us well. But I would like to put in a humble request: Please let people work who can do their jobs while maintaining social distancing.  Take my job, for instance. I am a professional photographer. Believe it or not, even in the midst of a pandemic, ordinary people still experience extraordinary things. Life goes on, and events happen. People still get engaged, they still get married,...

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New Decade, New Logo, New Company

After 12 years of being Pixel Pro Photography, we decided to make Pixel Pro bigger and better. We love what we do, and taking photos will always be our number one hobby and passion. But it is a new decade and time for change.  Pixel Pro Photography will from now onwards be called PixelPro. PixelPro will offer EVERYTHING MEDIA. If you need a website, a social media manager, a logo, a poster design or even an online store, PixelPro will get the job done. But what about photography ... We will continue to make magic and you can still book your shoot and we will make the memories for you. We are excited to take on the world and make magic with more...

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